The Application Of PP Danline Rope

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The PP danline rope is made from pp fiber. It has a tenacious wear-resisting properties, and not easy to be damaged.In agriculture, fishing, marine and many other scenarios,The rope was widely used. Although PP danline rope is durable, but there are still need to pay attention to place when you use it. Otherwise it will accelerate the aging, damage performance.The following is the usage of PP danline rope. Hope it is useful for you.

(1) Choose the right size of PP danline rope according to different application. Such as lifting weights or wear linen rope pulley, should choose 37mm and above size of the PP danline rope.

(2) according to the size of the tolerance by PP rope, in accordance with the hemp rope under tension, choosing the appropriate PP danline rope size.

(3) the selection of the hemp rope must have enough bending strength and impact strength.

(4) the PP danline rope in application shall not be knoted, so the rope won’t be damaged. Used on the pulley, the pulley diameter should not less than 16 times the diameter of the rope, so as not to damage the rope.

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