Anti-ageing polypropylene rope performance characteristics and USES

Anti-ageing polypropylene rope performance characteristics and USES

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Anti-ageing polypropylene rope features:
1, light and strength, wear-resisting, durable, resistant to mildew, simple and portable, collision won’t produce sparks, safety and applicable.
2, this product is used for lifting goods is very good, soft, strong tension, good fastness.
Widely used in electric field, mechanical and electrical, chemical industry, port, etc
Key fire prevention units used in oil, chemical industry, machinery, machining, mechanical assembly and painting machine appearance packing factory assembly;Nylon cord does not damage the appearance of paint;Nylon rope also applies to the power plant unit overhaul lifting generator and steam turbine rotor, etc.;Nylon rope with light, quick, wear-resisting, collision won’t produce sparks, is ideal for wire rope.
Electrical installation and maintenance, etc aloft working with, suitable for outside electrician, telecom artificial operation, the wire used in a similar type of work such as maintenance.
1, must adopt the way of coefficient, cannot be overloaded
2, when hoisting, do not twist and the ground line.
3, before each use and be sure to sling is not damaged
4, sling is susceptible to mechanical, chemical, high temperature damage, if serious breakage protection layer, the sling is not used
5, used to protect objects separated sling and load the edges
6, when lifting sling shall not knot
7, hoisting, sling and load shall not drag
8, avoid impact or vibration load
9, sling with dangerous don’t need to repair, please dun suppliers opinion
10 and polyester with inorganic acid resistant function, but easy to suffer the harm of organic acid
11, polypropylene fiber is suitable for the most resistant to chemicals.
12, polyamide fiber has the ability to resistant to inorganic acid, vulnerable to the harm of organic acid.
13, polyamide fiber, when be affected with damp be affected with damp, strength loss of 1 5%.
14 and if the sling is in May be polluted by chemicals or is used at high temperature, should be to supplier for reference.

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