PE twisted rope

Attention of How To Use Polyethylene Rope

Attention Of Using Polyethylene Rope

When you use the polyethylene rope, the following points should be noted:

  • The polyethylene rope is mainly used in fishery,usually accompanied with the fishing net,not fully applied in other industries.
  • It is strictly prohibited to direct contact with sharp objects, such as knife,scissors if you don’t want it cut it off.
  • Polyethylene rope have good acid and alkali resistace characteristics. Butplease don’t let the rope contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive medium for long time.
  • Polyethylene rope with high strength, corrosion resistance, low temperature, moisture and good machinability.
  • It should check carefully before usethe polyethylene rope when the surface of the uniform wear no more than 30% of the diameter, no more than 10% with the cross section of the diameter of the local touch injury, can be used according to the diameter or less cutting.Such as local touch injury and local corrosion is serious, can be cut to the damaged part of the plug.

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