The essential points you should know about THE PP DANLINE ROPE

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PP danline rope is a commonly used rope, which has the advantages of rich and diverse colors, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and high tensile strength, and is widely used in many industries. Since the PP danline rope is made of plastic particles, it will inevitably have the shortcomings of plastic, such as being easy to break, afraid of the sun, etc., which requires us to overcome its disadvantages and give full play to its advantages in daily use of the PP danline rope. The service life of the PP danline rope and the safety of the cargo bundling are guaranteed. The following points should be paid attention to in the daily use of the PP danline rope:

(1) The tensile resistance of the PP danline rope is limited, so it is generally used for bundling lighter objects and pulleys and mast ropes with small lifting capacity. Do not use PP danline ropes in motor-driven hoisting machinery or places under heavy force.

(2) When the PP danline rope is used on the pulley or block, the diameter of the pulley should be more than 10 times larger than the diameter of the PP danline rope.

(3) The PP danline rope should not be twisted when in use, and should be smoothed so as not to damage the inner fibers of the PP danline rope if it is wound too tightly.

(4) When bundling various objects, avoid direct contact between the linen rope and the sharp edges of the objects, and the contact area must be padded with sacks or wood and other pads.

(5) The PP danline rope cannot be used on sharp or rough objects, and do not drag it on the ground, so as not to wear off the fibers on the surface of the PP danline rope, reduce the strength, and seriously cause the PP danline rope to break.

(6) The PP danline rope should not be in contact with corrosive chemicals, paint, etc. After use, it should be neatly bundled and placed on a dry wooden board.

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