pp danline rope for agriculture

What is PP danline rope

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PP danline rope is made of PP virgin. The making process is fiber making, fiber twisting, rope making, and package. If you are going to make color rope, you should put in a certain amount of color master batch in the fiber making process. In order to gain a perfect color, the worder should adgust the amount of the color master batch for many times.

The size is from 4mm to 50 mm. 3 strand or 4 strand. Length and color can be customized.

PP Danline ropes show high Breaking Strength and are extremely lightweight. They are flexible, yet heavy duty. They are known for their durability and cheapest price. They are water resistant and can float on water without losing their Breaking Strength. And they are also resistance to acids,alkalis,organic solvents,rot and mildew. All of these good performance make it to the most popular rope in the fishing,marine,safty industry.

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