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Reasons For The Failure of PP Rope Fiber Drawing

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PP Danline Rope manufacturers generally use drawing-grade polypropylene as the raw material to produce PP danline ropes with good tensile properties and moderate softness.

But in the production process, various problems will also be encountered.

One of the common problems is that the fiber cannot be drawn. The main reason is the mechanical temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the drawing of the PP danline fiber. So it is prone to failure of drawing or wire breakage. The main solution is to adjust the temperature. According to the different requirements of the production process, the temperature should be adjusted reasonably. If necessary, replace the filter screen and adjust the mold gap.

The second reason is that the raw material is moist, and the moist material will form bubble and break the fiber after heating and extruding. The moist material must be dried before it can be used.

Then there is the ratio of raw materials. The raw material of PP danline rope is polypropylene, and a small amount of polyethylene can be added to reduce fiber breakage during the drawing process. The abrasion and light resistance of the made PP rope is better than that of pure polypropylene.

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